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Scar Treatment in Surrey – Find Techniques to Address Wounded Tissue

Do You Have a Difficult Wound or Concerned About Scarring?

Have you had a recent surgery or injury that has left you with a nasty looking wound that worries you? Have you been sent home from the hospital or medical clinic with an open wound and no idea what to do about it? Are you aware that active wound management will result in better functional outcomes and a better cosmetic result as it relates to scarring? Did you know that Certified Hand Therapists are uniquely qualified to manage all types of wounds?

Certified Hand Therapist

Peter von Riedemann OT, CHT is our resident Certified Hand Therapist at Grant Gibson’s Surrey Sports & Rehabilitation Clinic. He has had over 20 years of experience managing wounds. He has taught at conferences and in Europe on this subject. Mr. von Riedemann is motivated and excited at seeing the increased function and decreased concern that his clients experience under his care. One of his primary goals is to offer education and explanation of his clients so that they are less worried about what they are experiencing. Joining him is Paramjot Kaur Dhillon, BPT, MPT, C.H.T, Registered PT, who also holds the title of Certified Hand Therapist, bringing her specialized expertise in hand therapy to our clinic.

Scarring Management at Our Clinic

Mr. von Riedemann uses the latest technologies, supported by his years of experience, to offer the best care possible to his clients. Laser, debridement and hydrophilic dressings are a few of the tools that he uses to manage wounds. These techniques increase the rate of wound healing, decrease the risk of infection and promote minimal scarring. Once the wound is healed, Mr. von Riedemann will provide care aimed at minimizing the scarring associated with the injury or surgery and maximizing the mobility and function of the area of the body involved in the wound. Massage techniques and scar management materials and modalities are all used to good effect in achieving goals aimed at maximal client satisfaction.

Call Grant Gibson’s Surrey Sports & Rehabilitation for an appointment with Peter!

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