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Have you been experiencing dizziness or vertigo? Do you lose balance and almost fall while walking? A vestibular therapy program will be a long-term solution if you wish to improve your overall activity levels and quality of life under such health conditions. Surrey Sports Physio in Surrey will design an effective vestibular therapy program for you that will suit your specific health needs. We strive to help you improve stability and safely manage your everyday activity levels. We help patients learn to control symptoms, decrease functional limitations, and enhance their quality of life with an exercise-based treatment program.


What is Vestibular Therapy?

The Vestibular system comprises your two inner ear organs, the vestibular centers of your midbrain and cerebellum, and the peripheral vestibular nerves. This system helps you determine your head position and movement and react correctly to the slightest changes. The inner ear organs, primarily responsible for sensing the head position and movement, are connected to your midbrain and cerebellum through vestibular nerves. These nerves transfer motion information from the inner ear organs to your brain for correct processing. Thus, any weakness or defect in your vestibular system will hamper your ability to respond suitably to any situation, adversely affecting your general lifestyle and well-being.

Who is Treated Through Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy?

There are various symptoms of vestibular system disorder. If you suffer from one or more of those symptoms, our vestibular therapy in Surrey will benefit you. However, your dizziness symptoms may also be the side effects of other health conditions. Thus, it would help if you carefully assess an appropriate diagnosis and ensure that you will benefit from the therapy.


Our therapy program can cure the following vestibular disorder symptoms:

Vertigo (sense of spinning)

General dizziness or lightheadedness

Nausea, vomiting, fatigue

Neck tightness, stiffness or pain

Imbalance and difficulty walking


Frequent falls

Vision issues (double vision, shaky vision with head movement, difficulty focusing, poor tolerance to screens)

Brain fog, difficulty concentrating, mild memory issues 


Surrey Sports Physio has the superior infrastructure and well-trained staff to analyze your symptoms, condition progression, and medical history. Visit us today for a thorough medical evaluation.

How Does Vestibular Therapy Work?

As mentioned earlier, our vestibular therapy programs in Surrey are customized as per the patient's specific needs. For this, a comprehensive assessment of your vestibular system is done. It consists of a thorough examination of your vestibular system and comprises the following steps:

Discussion about the history and nature of your symptoms

Utilizing infrared video analysis to assess eye movements

Testing for sensitivity to motion or position change

Evaluation of stationary and moving balance

Screening for more severe causes of dizziness, unsteadiness, or other symptoms

Performing tests on potential contributing regions, such as neck issues or blood pressure 


The assessment is followed by several treatment options, including balance challenges, training to reduce sensitivity, eye exercises, and strategies for dealing with cognitive and psychological impacts. Based on the medical assessment, a package is prescribed specifically for you, comprising one or more of all treatment options available.


The experienced therapists at Surrey Sports Physio not only create a customized program for you but also educate you about the science behind these disorders, the challenges they may pose in the future, and the ways to overcome such challenges. We strive to strengthen you in every way possible. We understand that our effort in educating you will relieve you of even the slightest discomfort due to your vestibular condition. You can read reviews from the patients on our testimonials page.

Need Vestibular Therapy?

Visit Surrey Sports Physio to eliminate vestibular disorders and regain normal activity levels to enhance your quality of life.

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