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 Effective Post-surgery Treatment in Surrey

Hospitals are constantly flooded with patients, and it’s nearly impossible for the hospitals to provide physiotherapies and other post-surgery treatments necessary for a thorough recovery. And that’s why post-surgery rehabilitation centres are essential. Surrey Sports Physio has equipment and professionals for patients that recently underwent surgery to ensure their full recovery and a smooth transition into their everyday lives.


If you need more information regarding post-surgery treatment in Surrey, you can contact us or set an appointment with us anytime. We’ll do our best to make you forget you even had surgery.

When to Go for Post-surgery Treatment


Undergoing surgery can adversely affect your physical health if not appropriately rehabilitated. In any case, if you require surgery, you must always inquire about postoperative treatments beforehand. Besides pain management and wound care, physiotherapy is recommended quite often for a complete recovery post-surgery, and your surgery type will determine the kind of rehabilitation you need. The types of surgeries that may require post-surgery treatment are as follows:

Orthopedic surgery

Abdominal or thoracic surgery

Breast surgery

Spinal or neurological surgery

Urological surgery

Gynecological surgery

Types of Post-surgery Treatments We Offer in Surrey


Post-surgery treatments can be of many types depending on the problem. They are:

Physical Therapy: Surgery related to knee or hip replacement, or fracture displacements, or any severe orthopedic surgery; physiotherapy is mandatory to recover the muscle strength required to get back to normal. A physical therapist can help you manage the pain and increase movement.

Pulmonary Therapy: Respiratory therapists can help you regain your lung function and ameliorate breathing after undergoing lung surgery.

Speech Therapy: Surgery near the head or neck can severely affect your communication abilities. Rigorous speech therapy enables you to talk more easily and also eradicates any problems with swallowing. Even brain surgery might require speech therapy to recover completely.

Occupational Therapy: This type of therapy helps you test and regain your strength in different environments and scenarios to ensure that you smoothly transition back to your day-to-day life. Events like climbing stairs, using the toilet, lifting objects and much more require a certain amount of physical activity, for which this kind of therapy works well.

Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy is a balanced and regulated practice. After orthopedic surgery, it ensures complete recovery of the amount of exertion your muscles are supposed to achieve. It is used for reducing pain, enhancing the ability to move and accelerating the recovery process.

Benefits of Post-surgery Treatments

Post-surgery treatment can be beneficial in multiple ways, including:

Reduce and eliminate pain: Massage therapy, joint and soft tissue mobilization, ultrasound and electrical stimulation can help with pain after surgery.

Improving strength and mobility: Regulated exercises can help in regaining muscle strength, balance and range of motion in your joints.

Stroke rehabilitation: Muscle re-education, rehabilitating motor skills and practicing movement required for daily function can aid in recovering a patient suffering from stroke, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease and much more.

Avoid surgery: In some cases of injuries, surgery can be avoided altogether by using physiotherapy treatments.

Avoid further damage: Without post-surgery physiotherapy, you might risk damaging your injury again or increase the severity of the situation.

Faster recovery: Post-surgery treatment is needed for accelerating the healing process of an injury after surgery. Without postoperative treatment, some problems may persist around your injury for a much more extended period, and in some cases, it may continue indefinitely.

Process of Post-surgery Treatments

Post-surgery treatments may include:

Massage therapy to relax the joints and muscles

Joint mobilization is essential in cases of hip or knee replacement

Balanced and regulated exercise to increase muscle movement and strength

Stretching exercises

Hot and cold packs and other techniques to relieve pain and discomfort

Providing assistive and protective equipment to aid the patient if needed

Tolerance tests and training to diagnose and remedy further issues

Tests and training under different environments and scenarios to overcome barriers and speed up the path to normalcy

How Surrey Sports Physio Can Help


Surrey Sports Physio has state-of-the-art equipment to tend to your specific needs. Our highly skilled specialists like kinesiologists and massage therapists can provide you with a proper diagnosis and then plan out the ideal treatment catered to your physiological needs to guarantee complete recovery after your surgery. 

Right here in Surrey, our post-surgery care professionals are at your service to understand your physical condition and your everyday needs to provide you with the best treatment plans to aid you towards a complete recovery.

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Visit Surrey Sports Physio right here in Surrey, or contact us for more information to book an appointment for a thorough diagnosis.

Effective Post-surgery Treatment in Surrey

Consult Surrey Sports Physio to get a tailor-made rehabilitation program and make sure you recover properly from your surgery.

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