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Please take a look at some of our most recent photos from around the clinic, to get an idea of how our therapists will work with you and the environment you will be working in. We try to update our pictures as often as possible, so check back on occasion for the most current photos!

Read Our testimonials

Action Plan for Severe Pain

“When I first met Grant I didn't know if I would ever feel better. I have gone from being in such severe pain that I was not sleeping to being headache free and sleeping through the night. We still have some work to do. But the difference is incredible. I feel like I have my life back. Grant started with an action plan and has stuck to it. The staff is always courteous and kind. I don't know who I will spend Saturday mornings with after I am better. Thanks Grant.” – Niki

I’m Back to Playing Soccer Again

“I was at the point of desperation when I first went to see Grant after pursuing a number of other avenues for my TMJ issues. Grant sorted me out to the point that I am now basically 100% better. Although he has a specialty in TMJ, Grant is the best physio I have come across for all types of issues. I was told by one physio that I was just too old to play soccer, but now whenever I get an injury, I go and see Grant who patches me up and gets me back playing again in no time. In short I would highly recommend him for any of your clients who are suffering physical injuries.” –Russ W.

Treatment For My Sports Injuries

“I am very active in sports, rugby, basketball and soccer. Over the years I have seen Grant for various injuries. He has always helped me get back in the game.” –Kyle K.

Physiotherapy For Knee Injury

“I’ve been going to Grant Gibson for my knee injury. His entire staff is so friendly and professional. I would highly recommend seeing Grant if you need some physio done.” –Darryl Crawford

Kind, Caring & Professional Service

“Highly recommend, I have been a patient here for 20 years for various injuries. No wait time, kind, caring & professional service. I have recommended to friends & family and they all agree.” – Cathy

Physiotherapy for Back Pain

“I have seen physiotherapists off and on over the years for nagging back pain that never completely healed. Finally a friend suggested I go see Grant Gibson. 

The staff is nice and professional and they have always seen me on time. Grant has limited openings so you if you want to see him you may have to get an early morning appointment. 

First visit was a long one and he spent a lot of time. I have seen him for 6 visits now and feel great. The big plus with Grant is he sets up a program in the gym to prevent the problem from coming back. Thanks Grant for getting me fixed up.” – Mike

Prompt Treatment For My Back/Neck Problems

“I have been seeing Grant for many years due to chronic back/neck problems, and have recommended him to many of my friends and family. I have been fortunate many times to be able to get an appointment with him on the day that I called.” –Debbie T.

Excellent Care For My Chronic Arthritis

“I have been going to Grant Gibson for treatment regarding arthritis of spine (chronic) for about 20 years. I would and have recommended him many times over the years. I find all of the staff very pleasant and professional with all clients. This clinic also has a well-equipped gym that is supervised by the physiotherapist and a kinesthesiologist. This ensures that you may strengthen safely. I am sure that if not for the excellent treatment and care by Grant that I would not be as mobile.” –Sue W.

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