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Physiotherapist Helps a Client Stretch | Elderly Woman Practices Physiotherapy Exercises

Chances are that if you have a surgical procedure looming in the not too distant future, you have your concerns. Maybe you’re a bit nervous or even fearful? It’s perfectly natural to be somewhat apprehensive. You don’t know quite what’s coming or how you’ll cope. It’s not that you expect it to be a picnic, but you wish there was a way to make the whole recovery period less painful and less lengthy.

At Grant Gibson’s Surrey Sports & Rehab we do our best to set your recovery up for success by providing pre-op physio care and planning at our clinic in Surrey. If you’ve never heard of physiotherapy preceding surgery, you may be surprised to learn that this type of early intervention can make a big difference. Research indicates that pre-operative physiotherapy can help you to achieve optimum recovery outcomes following orthopaedic procedures. Here’s how our pre-op physio program can benefit you.

All the information you need to feel prepared

We ensure you understand what the procedure will involve and how you will feel immediately afterwards. This kind of knowledge will provide confidence and peace of mind.

Help you ready your home for optimum ease during recovery

We’ll have a discussion with you about all aspects of your home environment. Considerations will include things like stairs, seating height, and support for daily needs such as bathing and eating. We’ll make suggestions about products or simple modifications that will facilitate your movements as you go about your days during recovery.

Perform a thorough assessment of your current physical status

We’ll evaluate your present physical condition and kinaesthetic capabilities, allowing us to formulate the best possible approach for both pre and post-op physiotherapy. This assessment also gives a benchmark against which we can measure your progress.

Teach you exercises that will build up your strength

We’ll help you learn the necessary pre-op exercises for your condition. These exercises will ensure your flexibility and muscular strength are at optimum levels before you go in for surgery. The consequence will be a physical status that’s more agile and less prone to muscular weakening.

Teach you how to use post-op equipment

We’ll demonstrate how to use any aides you might need like walkers and crutches. This will provide you with confidence when the time comes to use these devices.

Prepare you for post-op physiotherapy

We’ll review the post-op exercises you’ll be doing in the future and discuss what your goals are for after your surgery. Whether it’s getting back to golf or playing with the grandchildren, our physiotherapists can help you reach your desired result.

For more than 30 years Grant Gibson’s Surrey Sports & Rehab has helped British Columbians feel better and stay healthier. We provide pre-op and post-op physiotherapy, as well ICBC sanctioned physio and sport injury rehab in our conveniently located Surrey clinic. Contact us today to begin your treatment plan or to find out more about our services.


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