Find Jaw Pain Treatment with TMJ Therapy at Our Surrey Rehab Clinic

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) connects your jaw to your skull’s temporal bones which are found in front of the ears. This joint allows you to move your jaw up and down and from side to side. When this joint or the muscles around it are damaged it can affect the way you talk and chew. When there are issues with your TMJ it’s often referred to as TMD or temporomandibular disorder, but at times simply just called TMJ. At Grant Gibson’s Surrey Sports & Rehabilitation, we offer TMJ therapy for your jaw pain treatment.

What Can Cause of TMJ?

TMJ can be caused by a number of things including injury to your teeth or jaw. If your jaw or teeth are misaligned or if you grind your teeth, you may also find yourself with TMJ. Other causes may include stress, arthritis, bad posture, and gum chewing.

Symptoms of TMJ

There are a few symptoms to look out for in addition to jaw pain when it comes to TMJ. Headaches, ear pain or popping sounds in your ears, pain in your temple, jaw clicking or popping, and locking jaw joint are just some of the possible signs of TMJ.

Possible Treatments for TMJ

Depending on the severity of your TMJ, you have a variety of treatments to choose from. Home treatments like ice packs, jaw and neck massages, stress reduction, or over-the-counter drugs may help relieve jaw pain. When home treatments don’t work, TMJ can be treated with dental splints, Botox injections, or physical therapy. At Grant Gibson’s Surrey Sports & Rehab, we focus on the latter through physiotherapy. Contact Grant Gibson’s Surrey Sports & Rehab for more information on TMJ and jaw pain treatment.

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